A Complete Range Of New Games Of Skill Is Featured At Site Of New Game Lounge

Skilljam, a subsidiary to FUNTech, has made available a new skill games site at the Directtv Game Lounge that features such exciting and challenging games of skill as Solitaire and Sudoku, Poker and Bejewelled, Jamtris and Hotwheels. The site is offering winners of its interactive television skill competitions cash prizes.
The service is available to DirecTV owners who are able to play at the new site through using their remote controls. Skilljam plans to make available to the television audience versions for television of as many as eight of its online games. Included will be solitaire and free cell.

At the present time, there still are some DirecTV boxes along with the accompanying remote controls that are not able to receive the Game Lounge. Those who still want to play however, may go to channel 110 and indicate the blue button. Those who wish to preview the games any do so without charge. Those who wish to participate are free to purchase a monthly Game Pass at a price of $5.99 monthly. There is also a single game pass available for $1.95.

With an eye to the future, DirecTV is planning an interactive “Plus” version of its games that will be designed only for PVRs and can be played from PVR hard drives. These will be available in the near future.

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