Following A Pull-Out On The Part Of The Tribeca Gaming Network, Online Poker Sites Looking For A New Home

As reported earlier, it is for sure that Tribeca Tables network will be soon pulling their operations out of the United States. The company has been purchased by the turnkey provider Playtech, an acquisition that was completed last year. There are several network sites of Tribeca Tables network such as Straightflush, Doyle’s Room, Golden Palace, Poker Host and others that are being informed of this up and coming pullout. They are being let known that they will no longer and able to function through Tribeca Tables network, at least not in the United States.

Poker Host for one, is making it known that their plans are to leave the Tribeca Tables network and to join up with the currently expanding Microgaming Poker Network. Microgaming Poker Network is presently serving in access of 40 online sites. The network allows players to participate from the United States in all but eleven states.

A Poker Host spokesperson has announced that the move is expected to occur shortly and that their site will be continuing to accept players from the United States and in order to do this is moving to a new network, Prima Poker/ Microgaming. There still however, are several states that do not allow online gambling including playing poker through the Microgaming Poker Network, and they are:
Michigan, Illinois, Louisiana, Oregon, Wisconsin, Washington, Indiana, Nevada, South Dakota, New York and New Jersey.

This announcement on the part of Tribeca has served notice to those sites that are still operating in the United States on their network that they need to develop a new network or they need to join some other network that is still accepting United States-based players.

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