NETeller Tells US Players That Their Funds Are Safe

United States online gamblers are continuing to suffer from the results of the Unlawful
Internet Gambling Enforcement Act as they are not able to withdraw their money from NETeller, the Isle of Man regulated e-processor, since that company is confused by United States Government actions that are preventing it from making payments to US players.

Confusing regulations being employed through the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act have acted to complicate most of the financial options that are still available to United States resident players by making those financial channels that are still available to NETeller for payment to its tens of thousands of United States customers problematic due to the company’s decision to put a stop to all US business.

NETeller is asking its customers to demonstrate their patience until the company can determine a method for returning United States customer’s funds to them. the company has assured all of it’s United States customers that it is giving the issue its top priority in its efforts to resolve the problem of making withdrawals and is asking them allow the company to maintain their funds in their name until such time as the problem will be resolved.

The volume of inquiries have been so great that the company now has placed a message on its answering service that it cannot tell when the problem will be resolved. Another company move that has only added to the confusion is the decision by NETeller to disallow United States residents from using their ATM card on the site.

All of the e-site’s customers are being directed toward updates neteller, a FAQ facility, to receive current answers to their questions. There is also now a new email information service that has been made available to which players may subscribe by going to an update page where they may send their email address to NETeller.

Currently, NETeller is attempting to assure each of its customers that it is making every possible effort to deal with what is admittedly a very difficult situation. It is telling players that they may be absolutely sure that in accordance with the strict terms of the Isle of Man financial regulations, monies are being placed in trusts from the suspended accounts until they may be made available.

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