Record Breaking Gains Reported by Svenska Spel

Svenska Spel AB, is owned by the government of Sweden and is licensed by that government. It is a gaming company that this week reported record earnings for the year of 2018. Much of this profit is said to be due to their online poker division. The poker division was established online in March of last year.

During the year 2018, Svenska Spel made a total profit of $685 million. This represents the best results over for this organization. The company’s chief executive officer Jesper Karrbrink is reported as saying that their online poker section has provide to be extremely successful.

Karrbrink has said that it has done a great job if meeting its goal of bringing a portion of the country’s non-regulated poker playing back within the more responsible environment that presently exists within the country. He was speaking with a reporter from Dagens Industri newspaper at the time that he said this.

In spite of the fact that Svenska Spel has given an excellent report of results for the year 2018, Karrbrink is looking toward changes within the Swedish gaming market. He believes that there is a need for new forms of gambling regulations that will include all of the various forms of gambling. He says that the politicians most decide whether this will be brought about through the control of the state. Or through some form of licensing system which will allow companies such is their own to compete with privately owned companies.

Karrbrink sees no problems regardless of which direction the state takes having achieved such a nice profit margin.

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